Hazel Iris has created a remarkable piece of work which suggests her place in the limelight is not going to be long in coming
— God is in the TVZine

Nine Sisters

Nine Sisters is inspired by combining the craft of Art Songs with the wild beauty of California landscapes. Composed in London and recorded in Los Angeles, Hazel Iris collaborated with Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer Tom Biller and Emmy Award-winning arranger Ali Helnwein. Orchestral instruments such as the harp, vibraphone and cello are woven together with modern instruments to embody nine female entities (and a volcano). By melding together traditional rhythms, instrumentation and structure, 'Nine Sisters' fuses elements of Classical, Jazz, and Indie Folk music in order to create ten chamber pieces. 

“Landscapes always play an essential role in my music. Although each piece appears to stand alone, they are conceived as a group of sisters bonded together by distinct geographic features throughout California. In a small valley on the Central Coast there is a chain of extinct volcanoes which run into the Pacific Ocean. They are called the Nine Sisters." - Hazel Iris