The Hermit Crab Confession

Dear Diary,

People often like to think that of their spirit animals.

I have always imagined mine to be a sloth - I certainly am capable of being lazy but it is more because a. I love to sleep  b. I need to do things in my own time  c. I like trees

However, lately I find myself wishing I were a hermit crab.  What’s not to like about hermit crabs? They’re great! They are peripatetic (move around a lot), they live by the ocean (often in tide pools), and they can just go inside whenever they want to.  I love to travel - going places has always been exciting for me.  I also love the ocean and wish I lived by it (am a big fan of tide pools). 

Also - I’m not necessarily a shy person but in social situations, groups of people tend to stress me out.  I become tongue tied and have nothing to say - people noises turn to static and I feel the overwhelming urge to hide in my house (or the next available empty room). 

Perhaps now that I’ve given words to my feelings, it is possible for me to accept that I am neither sloth nor hermit crab as a whole.  I’m a hermit sloth.

Having confided this to you makes me feel a lot better. I tried several times to draw a picture of what a hermit sloth looks like but it never came out right. I leave it to your imagination.  

Thanks for listening, I know you’ll keep it to yourself.