The Yellow Wall-Paper

Years ago, when I first read “The Yellow Wall-Paper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman,  I wasn’t able to articulate all of the emotions that this short story invoked in me.  Even now it is difficult to sum it all up. Published in 1892, it is a narrative of Gilman’s personal experience with depression.  Like the narrator in this short story (who suffers from postpartum depression), she sought medical help from a famous neurologist and was prescribed a rest cure, which was common at the time.  This “cure” included rest from reading, writing (thinking), and physical activity.

The Yellow Wall-Paper offers insights into Gilman’s own feminism and into roles women were publicly growing tired of in the late 1890’s.  Although it was published over a century ago, this 6000-word narrative still echoes today.

In the following Sound Cloud link, I’ve only read out a few paragraphs. To read the story in full, check it out at your local library.


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