Greenwich Park Mystery

It was a dark and windy afternoon. I was up for a wander so I headed for Greenwich Park. There was hardly anyone there and the leaves were swirling around in a spooky kind of way.

Halloween is long gone but I came upon this building and a big lovely chill flashed up and down my spine. If the moment had been given a soundtrack, it would have been the Dies Irae from Berlioz’s Grande Messe des Morts.  If you don’t know that particular piece, think of an eerie song and it should do the trick. Anything you like, really.  Just keep it creepy.

WHAT IS THIS PLACE? Does anybody know?  There is no sign and it is very much locked up tight (I know because I tested the door).

There was once a palace in Greenwich.  There was once a Roman temple on the hill (obviously both were there before the park was made a park).  There was an old naval hospital in Greenwich.  This building doesn’t go back too terribly far but I would love to know what it was meant for.

Or maybe I wouldn’t.  Maybe it’s better to leave it to the imagination.  Unless someone knows and wants to spill the beans.

It’s a mystery for now.

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