A Perfect Day

The sun was shining high in the sky without a cloud coming to steal the show. This is a seldom occasion, not to be taken for granted. After a quick breakfast, we hopped into the car and fired up the tiny old engine.  Then we were off like a herd of turtles in our little green thing.  There was a warehouse designer furniture sale to get to, and a queue to join.

Parking was easy to find, as it was early yet.  One of us joined the queue and the other went off to find coffee. The one who went for coffee came back empty-handed. Too early for the foodie market, they were still setting up. So we queued together in the sunshine. We could wait.

Finally the doors opened and all of the people in front of and behind us ran for it, grabbing tabs and claiming first dibs on sofas and shelves and things. There was nothing we wanted so we took off.  Did we wait for nothing? Perhaps. Although simply having the luxury of time to wait in the sunshine was, well, a luxury.

With the long-awaited coffee and a chocolate twist in hand, we wandered through the maze of the Southwark streets.  When it’s quiet enough, you can hear the other generations still at work and going about their business.

After that came a picnic and nap in a sunny garden, accompanied by a neighbouring cat who seemed to think that our lunch was hers by right. It must have been the tuna and tomato sandwiches because she completely ignored the cider.

A trip up north of the river was next on the agenda.  After a train ride, a tube ride, and then lots of walking, we received our wristbands and became one of the anointed.  Catching a few late afternoon acts and grabbing a spicy bean cake and plantain wrap went hand in hand with a generous amount of people-watching.

Time passed and the perfect sun began to set as we stood on a balcony, waiting for the last act to begin.  The air became cooler and the sickle moon danced its way into view.  Finally we went inside to hear and see the spectacular way in which Anna Calvi fused vocals and guitar into one - a perfect way to end a perfect day.

It’s only August, there must be room for more.

I can feel it in my bones.