Car Start

I have an old car. It needs a bit of loving gentleness to get it to start: Choke all the way out, give a bit of gas and think of a wonderful thought (any happy little thought).

Today it didn’t come on at the 4th/5th try as usual.  Damn! It was wet outside and I really needed to move the car. There’s a construction site next door and huge lorries keep parking way too close for comfort. Plus, a little neighbourhood spin is always pleasant.

Instead of allowing panic to take over I went inside and listened to some Patti Smith.  She always makes me feel better.  I also considered going down to the local coffee shop and tanking up on caffeine in order to calm down.  Didn’t want to spend my coins though, they are way too useful for doing laundry! Took a shower instead.  Dried hair. Got dressed. Put on some makeup. Ready.

Feeling nice and quiet inside and in charge of the situation, I went back out. Pulled the choke all the way out, gave a bit of gas and thought the happy thought. Woo-hoo! The clumsy purr of the engine has never sounded so lovely before. We went for a short and intimate spin (me and the car, of course).  It was fabulous.

I am now ready to drive every street in London. Zone 1, here I come! On a Sunday though, without congestion charge and when parking is free or cheaper.

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