Children of the Stones

Having been a small child in the 1980’s, I was very excited about the prospect of watching “The Box of Secrets.”  It did nothing less than to captivate me in full.  There were a lot of fantasy films and stories floating around back then, and this is certainly a long-forgotten favourite of mine. I put it on and was immediately taken into a strange Christmassy world that might not exist (but I hope it does somewhere).  After that, I was advised that I might also like “The Children of Green Knowe.”  This was new to me and also quite a bit of fun, but not quite like “The Box of Secrets.”  After all - the first love is the first love, right?

Then came the suggestion for “Children of the Stones.”  This is not a Christmassy story but oh my was I hooked! It was made for children, produced in 1976 and is one very spooky journey!  The other evening I spoke about it to an acquaintance who had seen it when he was ten. He said it gave him nightmares for quite some time after.  As I am no longer ten so I thought I might be able to watch it without having the same reaction.  I ended up having a wonderful time trying to figure out the whys and wheretofores (am prone to being easily entertained).

All I can say is that there is an ancient English village which is surrounded by neolithic stones, rather like Stonehenge…

If you have some time over the coming holiday season, kick back and enjoy the retro storytelling and cosmic, ever so slightly scary adventure that Children of the Stones has to offer.

p.s.  You’ll need about 2.5 hours and maybe some whiskey/eggnog etc. and cookies within reaching distance.