Misfortunate Tales

This weekend marks the release of my EP (mini album, if you like) on Marvellous Records. It is called Misfortunate Tales and was produced and mixed by Andrew Hunt. In the hallowed halls of the Music Producers Guild he is known as "the man with the golden ears".

It was mastered (given radio quality sound) by Mandy Parnell.  Having her do the mastering was amazing because she is simply one of the best in the world and not many women have broken through in that particular profession.

There are five songs on this EP.  It’s very much a collection of individual pieces - of dipping my toes into differing styles and sub-genres.

Mountain Top is a darkish fairy tale, taking place in a music box-like forest setting. Sometimes when we dream, our movements can seem mechanical and our perception of light is skewed.

As for Darlin',  it's possible we've all been there at some point in time and in some form or another: lusting and simmering for that which is just beyond our reach.

Watterson is about a great-great grandmother who lived before my time, around the turn of the 20th century.  A sort of slow motion, overland sea-shanty came to be. Motion, it’s always in motion.

No Name Western? Definitely inspired by spaghetti westerns and the music of Ennio Morricone. Also by 70's martial arts films.  A bit of quirky retro fun...

Bring Out Your Dead was shouted out along the streets of London (and other cities) during the times of the Plague. A simple and basic sound that still echoes in some corners if it's quiet enough.

Right, so that was a basic tour of this EP. As to the details of the stories and styles behind each song, I leave them to you and your imagination!

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