Piano Lesson

The other day I meandered down memory lane.  It led me to piano lessons. Always (for the most part) on time, I would knock softly on the door to Mr X’s teaching room and enter with a certain amount of trepidation. You see, I never really practiced enough.  My technique was horrible. I didn’t have the patience to do the drills the way I should.  Scales and finger exercises were torturous and I wasn’t too keen on practicing them religiously.

Until that one day. It was possibly raining. Very Drab.  In that particular session there was a short phrase I just wasn’t getting right. The notes were all there but no music was coming out of my fingers. Poor Mr. X was becoming more and more impatient.  Finally he stood up and went to the window.

He stared out of it.

I stopped playing.

Not bothering to turn around, he sighed and said “play it again”.

The rest of the session continued with me playing the same phrase over and over again while he sighed and stared out the window.

This was much worse than when he would become angry.  It was absolutely excruciating. I deserved it.

A repeat of that day’s lesson was not something I ever wanted to live through again, so I quickly re-thought my practicing strategy.  It was about the energy. Scales and such were back on the menu in a different kind of way!

In the end I had exams and I passed. It was without a doubt by the skin of my teeth but I was simply happy to have them behind me.

It’s been a while since then and thinking about it has inspired some nostalgic ambition. Scale book coming off the shelf in 5, 4, 3, 2, ….