Radio Brockley

Radio Brockley isn’t in Brockley.  It’s in the famous Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital on Brockley Hill in North London. Completely run by volunteers, it is London’s longest running hospital radio station.  Many hospitals in the UK have their own radio stations, which are there for the patients’ listening pleasure!  Back in the olden days (before everyone had the opportunity to entertain themselves with TV/their own personal devices),  larger medical centres developed independent radio stations so that patients wouldn’t be stuck in silence all day - or stuck with the random beeps and bells one tends to hear down the halls…

Anyway, the variety of music and programs is impressive.  They are not bound by playlist regulations and so they can play most anything! Request shows are on every night, and they even do a show called Bedside Bingo.  Also, the show “Alpha Sessions” is a super series of interviews with up-and-coming musicians (more about that later).

Radio Brockley is a registered charity and depends fully on funds raised by members.  This year, which is their 50th, they were awarded in four categories of the annual Hospital Broadcasting Association.

They make a point of providing a personal and inclusive entertainment service to the patients, as many travel from abroad especially for treatment and don’t have many visitors, if any.  After all, where else can you hear “The Bare Necessities”, followed by a Frank Sinatra song?

I recently was interviewed by The Alpha Sessions and found the concept of hospital radio to be inspiring (they gave me a cool coffee cup too). This radio station is run by truly dedicated people who love music and who support an incredibly noble cause.  May they long continue their inspiring work!

Check out Radio Brockley here:

Check out the Alpha Sessions interview with Hazel Iris here (my three fav phrases seem to be “like”, “umm”, and “you know”):