Sally Mae

My mother said she didn't exist.

How could she know that for sure? She'd never met Sally Mae.

Sally Mae was the same age as me. She was taller though. Her hair was longer and it was a light caramel brown. Mine is dark brown.

I knew she lived in the house on the hill at the top our street. My mother said she didn't. I don't remember if I met her on the school playground or if she was playing in her front yard as I walked by.

I've just checked google maps, and her house isn't there anymore. A new house now stands on the same spot.

We only met once or twice anyway. We talked and laughed. I remember her dress. It was a white sundress with blue straps. I think her eyes were blue. Mine aren't blue. They're not brown either.

It was such a long time ago. I was often alone but not often lonely. Maybe my mother is right - maybe Sally Mae was an imaginary friend.  It doesn't really matter though does it?

I remember her.