The Haunted Library

Have you heard of the haunted library? Even if you have, it’s probably not the one I mean.  The one I mean is most likely the smallest library in London, maybe the smallest in all of the UK. There’s not even a librarian.


Many people have come and gone again, and rumours a-plenty fly around  it. They are only spoken of in broad daylight (usually in the pub round the corner).

There is the tale of the small child who is suddenly behind your back, calling your name and tugging icily at your coat because it needs the loo.

Then there are whispers of the cat that once climbed to the top shelf only to find that it couldn’t get down again, and now it gently mews pitifully down to you.

Every so often, a book-browser will claim to have been interrupted by an angry man who shouts, “hurry up Mate, I need to make a call!”, only to turn around and see that there is no one there.

The area used to be covered in orchards which belonged to a nearby monastery. A monk is sometimes seen reaching for the books as though they were  pears. He only picks fruit when someone is reaching for a book, though….even if it’s on the bottom shelf!  Hmm, maybe it was rhubarb that grew here.

Right. Well none of it’s true. At least not the ghosty bits. The library is well-loved and much-used by the leave-one/take-one community.

Or maybe I just haven’t heard the true tales yet...