The Lost City Under The Dunes

I grew up hearing tales of an ancient Egyptian city that was buried deep beneath the dunes a few miles south of our town. There are around 35 square miles of them (dunes, I mean). In 1923 Cecil B DeMille premiered his silent film “The Ten Commandments”.  The whole Hollywood set was filmed outside of Guadalupe, CA. It included an Egyptian temple, a dozen plaster sphinxes, eight huge lions, and four 40 tonne statues of Ramses the Second.  It had taken over 1500 carpenters and more than 25,000 pounds of nails to build.

After the shoot, DeMille had the set destroyed (by way of dynamite). Bulldozers buried the whole kit-and-kaboodle in the sands in order to make sure that nobody else could steal the set. Apparently it was too expensive to haul everything back down to Hollywood.

For over sixty years it all remained buried under the sand and became more of a local legend than anything else.

After various attempts to find it, some patient seekers finally spied it out under “the dune that never moved”.

Now Hollywood artefacts are slowly being dug up and out.  I’ve already begun to daydream about how fun it would be if everything were to be put back together again…definitely worth a visit!

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