The Old Los Angeles Zoo

The picnic area of the old Los Angeles Zoo is in a hidden corner of Griffith Park.

After having read about it on the Atlas Obscura website, I knew it wasn't something to be missed. They said you could eat your pack lunch in the old abandoned cages!

You would never know that a zoo had once been there, but if you pay attention it's easy to find.

When I arrived mid afternoon, everything was a bit creepy. The old leaf-filled and graffiti'd spaces for animals gave off a lonely feeling.

Also there was some sort of preparation for Halloween going on, with a few of the cages being used for gory scenes. Only occasionally did I see anybody walking around. Speakers had been placed around and were playing weird and vague "horror" sounds.

The stage was certainly set, as these old cages haven't been used for many years. It was built in the early part of the 20th century and left empty in the 1960's, when the current Los Angeles Zoo was opened.

It's a beautiful place and although it was a hot sunny day, I was spooked all around. I ate my lunch and high-tailed it back down to the car.

I had a wonderful time letting my imagination run away with me and I will certainly go back someday - with someone else so I don't spook myself out again!