Toy Shop

A friend recently had a baby, giving me cause to go to one of my favorite places ever - the local toy shop! I never really got over toys. There was absolutely nothing like grabbing some figurines and making up some stories. You could give them funny voices and their own languages. You could go billions of miles and countless time warps away, all within the perimeters of your own bedroom, or under the kitchen table, or if it was nice outside, in the back yard!

So off to the toy shop I went. They have amazing books, games, kites, toys, dinosaurs (see photo) tutus, shoes, chewbacca t-shirts (all of which are too small yet all of which I would have worn as an outfit at one time) and arts-and-crafts-y-things.

This store is so great that children cry when they leave. Seriously, I haven't been there once when a crying child isn't being cajoled out of the door by its good-natured parent who probably needs a proper cup of coffee/cocktail by the time they're finally out. This last visit was no different.

I realised that the baby is too small for toys as yet so I found something soft and cuddly and lovely.  The cuddly thing has been passed on to its new owner, but you can bank on the fact that the next time I get the chance to buy a toy I'll definitely set the timer for twenty minutes of playtime before wrapping.