This is the story of Lily and her relentless pursuit of adventure. Her journey begins with the crossing of the seas on a mighty ship, sails billowing in the wind.
We begin with Bed.
Lily finds herself summering at a horse ranch in a desert land. In all of her enthusiasm for everyone she meets, she is perhaps too accepting of one particular stranger. He quickly sweeps her off her feet and they are soon gone and away into a wild blue haze…..only for her to discover that he is cruel. A murderer. And they are being hunted by the sheriff’s posse. This man’s name is Watterson.
Having somehow extricated herself from a life on the run, Lily now finds herself in a forest. It is an enchanted forest where strange lights flash and voices call out. She knows she should get through this place as quickly as possible, but she’s absolutely determined to follow the
path all the way to the Mountain Top!
At the top of the mountain is an ancient castle. Lily has heard that it is evil and haunted by whisperings and other things - so she goes inside. It is dark! In order to find her way through, she lights a Candle.
Having had a very close shave with madness in the castle, Lily now wanders through a deep canyon. It is filled with echoes reflecting sadder times and places. She feels surrounded by their sorrows and knows she must run if she is to escape the woes of the Dancing Melancholies!
Now safely out of the canyon, Lily stops to rest in a vlllage. As she enjoys a cool drink in the shade, she is suddenly struck by the sight of the most captivating person she’s ever seen. She can hardly move or think - she can only stare and will this person to come to her. In her mind
the sirens purr, “Darlin’”!
Lily discovers that the object of her desire is spoken for. Another woman has laid her claim. She quickly thinks as to how she can possibly come out on top of the situation. Aha! She will befriend the competition and in the opportune moment, get rid of her. This is Folk.
After only a few days of bliss, Lily and her newly-won Love part ways. They argue as to whether toilet paper should roll over or under and sadly, there is no compromise. And so she continues in her search for glory and adventure. As we come to the end our tale, she will follow in the direction of the sun until there is no further to go. This story has been Lily’s
No Name Western.